xiaomi redmi 9 review (2020) Asiatechnova.com tests

xiaomi redmi 9 review (2020) Asiatechnova.com tests

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Review

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 The Redmi 9 may be a great budget phone that seems easy to recommend. it's an outsized screen perfect for multimedia, cuts great photos and its battery will last your days considering what you’re doing.

 Performance is mediocre, and screens are rarely usable in bright sunlight, although nobody should have expected gaming skills from the € 130 phone. And yet, gaming is feasible if you set the quality for graphics.

 Yet, the Redmi 9 that it had been made, delivers it and even goes beyond expectations here and there whichever it's .


 If the Redmi Note 9S can fit into your budget, this is often definitely a far better option. The Note 9S costs around 60 60, but it'll provide you with a far better screen, much faster hardware, and improved image and video quality.

 All you would like may be a slightly better quality image and perhaps inspect the Redmi Note 9 in night mode, which costs about 45 45 quite the Redmi 9, it's basically an equivalent phone because the Redmi 9, but with a 48MP primary camera, a 13MP selfie Shooter, and fast charging adapter included within the box.

 The Realm C3 is priced at around 140 140 and therefore the cheapest phone Realmie is currently selling in Europe. Real it's a 720p screen and a rather lower grade Helio G70 chip, also because the ultraviolet camera on the rear . Realm will solve most of this omission with the Realm 5i for an additional 20 20, though its screen are going to be in 720p resolution. The lower pixel count helps in games but if social networks and streaming take precedence then the Redmi 9 may be a better bet.

 A Huawei phone is priced at an equivalent price because the Redmi 9 but it offers more gaming power - the P40 Lite e it's a 720p display but it offers a faster hardware, similar camera efficiency and promising battery life. the sole caveat - you would like to manage without Google Play services


 The Redmi 9 may be a budget offer that does not quite match up at the instant . If your budget is around 120 120, you almost certainly won't get a far better phone. With a high-race screen, high-quality camera and impressive battery life, the Redmi 9 surpasses expectations.

 The Redmi 9 isn’t that quick, but it’s great enough as a deal-breaker. At this price index , performance is more like an expectation than a disappointment. There are Snapper options all around, but you will need to offer the screen resolution and possibly battery life and camera quality also .

 Overall, the Redmi 9 is another masterstroke of Xiaomi within the budget segment and if it matches what you would like to spend, you won’t regret getting it.

Beautiful and grippy plastic body
The larger, sharper the LCD screen the higher the contrast, the GG3
Remarkable battery life
Good photo and video quality for class
The latest Android
Wireless FM Radio, NFC, 3.5mm Jack, MicroSD, IR Blaster
Low screen brightness
The UI occasionally lags behind, typical gaming performance
Loose charging
Not even basic water protection

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